Sunday, June 15, 2014

A feature story

A woman of inspiration

A compassionate sister of two, amorous wife of a man, concerned daughter of a humble family who became an enthusiastic teacher strolled through the different segments of life without giving up her life despite her acquaintance with tornado in her life.

A couple struggled going to different monasteries and saints and even to India praying for a child who was later gifted with the most distinct child on October 19, 1982 and was a baby girl. The baby started her life as a little girl in a concerned environment with charts of mathematical multiplications and alphabets pasted on the walls. She grew up like any other ordinary child but later had the most different juncture of life and became an inspiration for all women. Her name is Tashi Yangzom who is currently pursuing her studies in Sherubtse college. She is a lady of which all women can look up to.

Her mother who was   a teacher taught her all the necessary possessions to become a good human being in her childhood. Her father who was a writer was always her best friend. Her mother passed away when she was ten years old and was brought up by a single father. She says that she had the most amusing childhood though a father brought up a daughter. She was sent to Punakha Higher Secondary school in class nine and there she mingled with the friends of different classes and says with a grin on her face “I took from the high and gave to the low.”

 After class ten, she went for teacher training and then joined the teaching profession in August 2002 at a very young age when she was eighteen and there she met the love of her life. He was an engineer by profession. They fell in love and reached up to the point where no one could separate them. But their marriage was not approved by her family. She says “my father had an instinct that I would not have a good life with him.”  She on her part loved him to freaking death where she even ran away from home with him during winter when her family lashed her in her room. They started a new life but had no connections with her family. Of all that she lost, she was very happy with him. With a smile on her face, she says “We met with nothing and built on everything together.”

 She did not know that the very momentous event of her life would bring a gloom in her life. Her husband got transferred to Samdrup Jongkhar and there was no suspicion between their relationship and it went swiftly.  But later she heard her friends saying he was having an affair with another women but the trust that she had in her for him was enough to let go of what she heard.

However when a person trusts someone a lot, he or she cannot deceive that person and so was her husband. He confessed his deeds. Tashi besides being a woman did not give up and tried her best to bring him back. She gave him time to think over and in 2009 she stepped back and got officially divorced.  But by the time he wanted to come back it was too late.

She says that love for her is sacrifice. She waited for him and those three years were like living in hell. She became mentally and physically ill. The vigorous woman forgot to smile, laugh and lost herself. She became the most miserable woman then. She was tired of faking smiles. She cried all nights and was also afraid to dream. She reached up to the point of committing suicide but her children and the children back at the school stopped her from doing the sin. Tashi says with a tremor in her voice “my children nearly lost their mother.”

She then realized that it was not the way to live a life. She comprehended that she had many responsibilities. She being a liberated and religious woman, she could not be destroyed though defeated. Tashi says with a smile “as he was gone, I drew myself into studying.” Her family accepted her once again of which she is very grateful. Her step mother paid for her studies. She topped her school and came to sherubtse. Her life became beautiful after her divorce with him. She says that she is very grateful for him because if he has been a caring husband she would not have reached sherubtse and become stronger. But because he was not good with her, she learnt to become independent.

Tashi stretched up to a point where she could do anything even ending her life.  She has gone through the phase of life where no other woman can even imagine. She did fail in her life but she did not accept the failure. She went on no matter what came across her. She battled through the darkest route of life. But nothing could destroy her. She mounted at the time when she was totally shattered but stood up once again. She says “everything happens good with good people.” She still loves him but is not in a position to get together with him. Tashi says “I have only one heart and is given to my only husband. So I do not have another heart to give to any other men.”

 She is now a good mother, an intelligent student, an active teacher and of all a women of inspiration. Tashi leaves us the message that “you should love yourself the most and a person cannot decide everything in our life.”


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It is the mere difference of how it hangs.....

                                  All serve the same                                   purpose....

  Has the Bhutanese gone so far that they now even forget their religion?

Of woes and joys

I am actually confused of whether I am contented or distraught.

I had to leave behind my treasured family and cross mountains over mountains to continue my studies. My mother then never wanted me to go to Sherubtse which is two days journey from my home, Paro. She could not get over the fear of I travelling alone for two days and living in a completely different environment for she is not used to keeping me away for a longer time in a distant place. I was confused of whether I should go to Sherubtse or not. I on one side was quite excited to go as I heard a lot of interesting events and trends in Sherubtse College. However I on the other side was dejected to leave behind my dear ones and go to live in a new society far away from home. But my father and sister invigorated me to go on and work out with the challenges to reach my point of destination.
reason behind my happiness

Today I stand here among thousands who mostly speak their native language ‘sharchop’. They start their conversation in sharchop and end in Sharchop of which I hardly understand a sentence. I feel like I am totally an alien in this place. I try my best to adjust in this new society. I go on and attend my regular classes and other programs. Yes, I am happy as I have many friends around. We chat, go around and mingle together. They are the ones who light up my stay here in Sherubtse.

However I cannot do away with missing my family. I always get their image wandering around me. There is something inside me that forces me to think of them now and then. No matter how much I try to be happy with my friends, I always land up carrying the false smile on my face.

Monday, June 2, 2014


                                                           Source (Roshan Gurung; Sow vol-IV, Ugyen Academy)

In the stumble of the greatest fall,

Always a light misses the eyes

When beliefs descends due to fear

Hearts dark alone in an empty hall,

Faith floats innocuous but cries

Of unknown doubts, blur and unclear.

Soul’s hide unnoticed of their action,

To walk a step with unwilling trust

Excuses fight back with sincere,
Because the right road servers un-affection

The narrow silk of light stirs and burst
Still the heart refuses to adhere

 Scared people never to be upright,

Never choose to seek the right foot,

Always below, waiting for a hand to heaven,

Seeking daily revolution; bright to night,

Hoping resistance to go away in silent hoot,

And love to bloom as flower with no writing leave.

Life twirls to reach unviewed steps,

Falls alone, but nothing, just dreams,

Elocution and choices led to achieve;

Never to dread of your missteps,

Because the beauty of the cascade is joined by streams,

You will perceive the light and trails no grieve.
The walked away love  

My heart instigated to hover like a Dove,
MAs I presented you all my love.
I was then very fine,
For I had thee as mine.
With hearts filled with zest,
We walked by the sunset.
To be there for one another
Was the promise we made together.
Under the stunning sky of blue,
I always had the fear of losing you.
But my trust for you covered my fear
Which later gave birth to the pain I cannot bear.
Leaving me on the lawn,
Now you are gone.
Thee breaking my heart
Is not a form of art.
“What is the reason behind”, I still wonder
And this makes my heart even fonder.
Just the thought of you brings a smile on my face
As you are the one I always want to gaze.
I know you don’t care
Which is actually not fair.
Because it was in the start,
That you promised to take care of thy heart.
I do not know where you have been
As you are no where to be seen.
Though you are somewhere I cannot see,
I still love thee.
No mater where you are...I can always see u...!!!

The naughty students !!!

"If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers."

— Edgar W. Howe

 But a mother will never forget  to love these naughty students..!!!